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Data Geeks Lab is a consulting partner with extensive experience working with NonProfit Success Pack, PatronManager, and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot). Our US-based team creates practical solutions, provides training and coaching, and offers admin support. Whether you are implementing Salesforce from scratch, seeking to expand your use of the platform, or looking for guidance to manage staff or organizational change, we can help.
We’re the geeks who will make your data work for you, so you can focus on your mission!
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TJ Warfield

Founder | Head Geek

I love geeking out to data. I’m one of those freaks that loves deduping and performing magic with Excel formulas. One of my favorite data memories was back in college, working at a shark lab in the Bahamas. While the rest of the team was outside in the blazing sun dealing with an overflowing septic tank, the Shark Doc had me holed up in the air-conditioned lab entering and analyzing years worth of field data logs that had been just sitting on a shelf. While the lab was excellent at collecting the data out in the field, it didn’t have a way to do anything with that data. That day had me rethink what I wanted to be when I ‘grew up’.

I hold a M.S. in Computer Information Systems with over 10 years of experience with Salesforce, over 20 years of experience with Information Technologies, and over 30 years working with nonprofits.

Caroline Renard

Chief Solutions Officer | Data Orchestrator

I’ve been a pioneering community builder in the Salesforce nonprofit world since 2008 and have been awarded Salesforce MVP every year since 2014. I had a two-decade career with some of the UK’s leading arts organizations, as a stage manager and contracts administrator, and now I combine my two passions by empowering arts groups to grow relationships with their audiences using the Salesforce platform.
I ran weekly nonprofit Office Hours in the Trailblazer Community for five years. I’m as comfortable working with NonProfit Success Pack as I am with PatronManager, and was an early adopter of many NPSP features and associated apps.
Caroline Renard Headshot

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