How We Work

Every member of our team previously worked at a nonprofit organization. Between us, we’ve been involved in conservation, social and racial justice, media, arts and humanities, education, and advocacy. We all were introduced to Salesforce in our previous nonprofit positions, and we continue to apply what we learned. We understand the pressure of wearing multiple hats and being creative with limited resources. We’ve been there and we speak your language!
We respect that every organization has its own way of doing things. We start all our projects by listening, so that we can understand your individual requirements. And while we like to use tried, tested and community-supported solutions, we are always happy to customize features so that they work exactly as you want. We will set clear expectations of what’s involved to guide your decision-making process.
We’ll help you prepare to navigate the changes – both internal and external – that are inevitably part of the evolution of your organization. Whether it’s securing your data or creating robust processes, we can be your guides. We can teach you skills so you aren’t dependent on us, as well as how to take advantage of the Salesforce Community to get answers to the rest of your questions.
We make the wheels better, not reinvent them. We often work with small and mighty organizations, like yours, who already have NPSP or PatronManager, but may not be realizing the full potential of these systems. We can audit your current setup, suggest enhancements or optimizations, and empower you to use existing tools efficiently and confidently before we suggest alternatives.
We welcome clients as partners in continuing relationships. You can count on us for the long term; indeed some of our clients have been with us for over 5 years. We can help with fixes large and small, train you on new features, or implement your next big enhancement. We don’t ask for a retainer, or that you commit to a minimum number of hours, but rest assured that we’ll respond when you need our help.
We collaborate with you as an extension of your team, and at the same time we are actively making the nonprofit Salesforce community stronger. Members of our team volunteer to improve nonprofit Salesforce tools at Sprints, speak at user group meetings and conferences, and participate in advisory groups. We take the smart ideas that we learn from other organizations, and apply them when you have similar needs.

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