Our Favorite Tools

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One of our absolute favorite Salesforce tools. Almost all of us Data Geeks fell in love with Apsona way back when we were nonprofit staff. Apsona is amazing for almost all our data manipulation needs and such a time saver! Imports, mass updates, queries, complex reports, document merge, deduping, you name it!
  • Check out the case study of one of our clients using Apsona for some complex acknowledgement letter magic!
  • Check out Formula For Success For Success piece on our collaboration.
DLRS recently became a Salesforce.org Open Source Community tool. Imagine the robustness of NPSP Customizable Rollups for the rest of your database! And, it’s free!!! Caroline led the first, official Community Open Source Sprint team to help kickoff the new improvements to this tool.

Even after years of using DLRS, TJ can’t live without this helpful “How To” page.

If you need to connect MailChimp, Constant Contact, or Eventbrite to Salesforce, this is the tool for you!

Cazoomi interviewed TJ on how this tool is so beneficial to nonprofits.

Zapier can be a powerful middleware tool to get Salesforce and another platform talking. Common tools to connect to Salesforce using Zapier are Stripe, Quickbooks, form builders like Typeform or Gravity Forms, and so many others!
FormAssembly is our favorite form tool that talks to Salesforce. It has robust form capabilities, and offers a tight integration. If you are planning on signing up for FormAssembly, make sure to ask us how you can get an additional discount on top of your nonprofit discount!

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