Three Free Campaign Apps to Kickstart Your Marketing Lists

Can’t afford a fancy marketing automation email app yet? Are your lists stale? Do you want to take your lists to the next level? Several years ago, I found these three, completely free apps on the Salesforce appexchange, and they made such an immediate impact on my org’s capability to create postal and email lists. As far as I am concerned, every nonprofit should install and use these apps – no matter how big or small the organization is.

Konsult Campaign Status

This app is useful for all campaigns, not just list-based campaigns. It allows you to create default campaign member statuses based on the campaign type so you don’t need to keep setting those up every time you create a new campaign. It has the added benefit of keeping your data consistent across campaigns, for example, with event RSVPs. Once configured, new campaigns will automatically be set up with the correct member statuses—no more having to clone campaigns or manually edit statuses!

Campaign Combiner

This one is, by far, my favorite campaign app. Previously I spent untold hours creating report filters for each mailing to remove contacts with a variety of criteria, or who had responded (or not) to a previous campaign. This app allows you to automate all that filtering and combining to create new campaign lists. It not only allows you to merge campaigns, but the tool can also create new campaigns while either suppressing contacts from a third campaign, or adding/suppressing contacts based on campaign member status. Seriously, watch this three-minute video demonstration of this tool, and tell me your mind wasn’t just blown with, “Oh, the possibilities!” and “The time this will save!”

Campaign Segmentation Wizard

For those of you that don’t have the funds for a full, marketing automation platform, this app gives you the ability to create random segments to allow your email marketers to do A/B testing. This is by far the easiest of these three free apps to use. You can tell it how many segments you want, name them, break them down by % or specify the exact number in one or all, and the tool takes it from there to create your segments—creating the child campaigns with exactly the right number of members.

Originally posted on BrightStep Partners blog

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